How it Works






The lowest Unique BID up to two decimal places wins.

To win the "Lowest Unique Bid" auction you need to be the bidder at the end of the auction with the "Lowest Unique bid". 

In the unlikely event that there is no single unique bid then the person who placed the "FIRST LOWEST BID" which has TWO or more bids, will win the auction. There will ALWAYS be a winner!!

Each new registration is given five bids free. You can place unlimited bids by buying bulk bid packages online.

Bids are non refundable.

Bids can be placed through the APPs (Android/iOS) & Website via your registered account.


For example:

2 Bids @ 1.05/-  (Not Unique)

3 Bids@ 1.06/- (Not Unique)

1 Bid @ 1.07/- (Unique Lowest)

1 Bid @ 1.08/- (Unique But High)


*All software and technology is the proprietary property of Viaan Industries Ltd

How It Works